Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Little Girl....

Mackenzie is sick today have to take he to the Doctors today at 2pm, So I will be grinding tonight. I've been up and down this month but yesterday i think i got out of it. The month is almost over and I don't how many games I played but next month I'm going to set my goal at 1000+ games. We have some new students coming in on March 1st, so I have to pick up my game. I hope we have some reviews this week or weekend.

On a another note I will be playing in the Chicago Open Friday at noon, its not that big of a buy-in. I would drop that much playing that crap game Blackjack. I will keep you all posted on how I'm doing, this is a 2 day tourney. So I will be grinding from the hotel on Thursday night.

About my name Yomama1970, I have had this online name going back to 1995 when i played Delta Force for ISF. I thought it was funny to see " You where shot in the head by Yomama" Plus I like the Yomama cut downs so I will end my post with one....

Yomama is so dumb, I saw her climbing a tree the other day talking about how shes a branch manager.

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