Monday, March 15, 2010


Well I got my new coach, the one and only Nick Rainey will be taking me under his wing. This is a great thing, i hope i don't let him down or myself. We will start tomorrow i will be working VERY hard from then till i reach my goals. So dont call me, stop by or blow up my skype from 8am till 5pm EST. Thank you and have a nice day....

A poker play with out a coach

Well after 3 months and only 1 class with my head coach he has Quit. I think i have been doing well with no one to review my HH. I will keep playing but i dont think i should move up in tables till a coach can review my hands and help me with any leaks that i have. The new guys have started and a doing VERY well you can see how well here Well I will update when and who my new coach is going to be.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well I have been running well the last 4 day, what took me 2 months to make i have made in 4 days. But i need to pick up my volume it's not up to par. The other day I spent most of the day wating on the delivery guy to bring me my new TV, the HDMI input went out on the old 61in TV and they told me they dont make parts for the tv anymore so they gave me a NEW 65in with 3 HDMI inputs. I hope to set the new TV up one day, now back to the grind.