Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm back from a great trip with the Family to Florida. Now back to playing, we have a review tonight at midnight and my coach told me to bring a box of tissues. I hope we are going to watch porn, but i think he meant that we are going over my hand histories and he is going to make me cry. Well I'm of to play i hope to update more with better news.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Well I got my new coach, the one and only Nick Rainey will be taking me under his wing. This is a great thing, i hope i don't let him down or myself. We will start tomorrow i will be working VERY hard from then till i reach my goals. So dont call me, stop by or blow up my skype from 8am till 5pm EST. Thank you and have a nice day....

A poker play with out a coach

Well after 3 months and only 1 class with my head coach he has Quit. I think i have been doing well with no one to review my HH. I will keep playing but i dont think i should move up in tables till a coach can review my hands and help me with any leaks that i have. The new guys have started and a doing VERY well you can see how well here Well I will update when and who my new coach is going to be.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well I have been running well the last 4 day, what took me 2 months to make i have made in 4 days. But i need to pick up my volume it's not up to par. The other day I spent most of the day wating on the delivery guy to bring me my new TV, the HDMI input went out on the old 61in TV and they told me they dont make parts for the tv anymore so they gave me a NEW 65in with 3 HDMI inputs. I hope to set the new TV up one day, now back to the grind.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicago Open

Well that was an eye opener, there where 800 runners and I went out 240 so i guess it was ok being that i started playing poker back in Oct. '09. Best hand Pocket 3's flop was 4,3,7 i check and he checks turn is a 2 i check he bet out 1200 i call, the river is a 2 he bets 1600 i raise to 3200 he shoves i snap call, he flips over 4,2. The bad hand we come back from dinner and i have 16.000 chips the guy to my right has a short stack he has been shoving the last 3 hand 1st time all fold and he shows j2o after that again all flod to him he shoves i have AJo i think a bit and fold he flips over AJo. next hand same thing this time i have AKs and i call, He has QQ im out. Played about 10 hrs and i had a great time.

Well today after a very LONG time I sent Nick his BR back, that felt great. Well March is on us and I HAVE to pick up my game. I am going to set my goal this month at 1,000 SnGs, i will hit this or past it. So no more fucking around!! I can do this!!

" Yomama so fat when she gets on the scale, it reads " One at a time please"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Little Girl....

Mackenzie is sick today have to take he to the Doctors today at 2pm, So I will be grinding tonight. I've been up and down this month but yesterday i think i got out of it. The month is almost over and I don't how many games I played but next month I'm going to set my goal at 1000+ games. We have some new students coming in on March 1st, so I have to pick up my game. I hope we have some reviews this week or weekend.

On a another note I will be playing in the Chicago Open Friday at noon, its not that big of a buy-in. I would drop that much playing that crap game Blackjack. I will keep you all posted on how I'm doing, this is a 2 day tourney. So I will be grinding from the hotel on Thursday night.

About my name Yomama1970, I have had this online name going back to 1995 when i played Delta Force for ISF. I thought it was funny to see " You where shot in the head by Yomama" Plus I like the Yomama cut downs so I will end my post with one....

Yomama is so dumb, I saw her climbing a tree the other day talking about how shes a branch manager.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lending Money to so called friends

Well just don't do it because you become the asshole when you ask for it back. I lent a friend a $25,000 to start up a business about 4 years ago and its been hit or miss trying to get it back. The other friend I lent $800 to about 3 years ago and i go to his house about 3 weeks ago and what do i see in the living room?!?!? A Sony 52in plasma!! Hey nice TV, but where the FUCK is my $800? Well ah. What a fucking asshole!! Fuck you keep the $800 and fuck off! WTF?? You try to help friends when they are in a time of need and they FUCK YOU IN THE ASS and don't even buy you dinner. The guy i lent the $800 to has been blowing up my phone, fuck him i don't need the headaches. I have been friends with these two guy since 1980. And the 1st guy i hear stores about him going to Vegas, Florida and N.C. I say something and he sends me fucking $300. I also hear he helped out a kid we went to High School who is a FUCKING dead beat dad with a Job at the fucking business I helped him start so he could get his car fixed, FUCK that pay me!! I'v got my own fucking problems been laid off sence last march where the fuck is my help!!

I guess i just want to thank NICK RAINEY a guy that knows me from dick, who has help me get my Poker Career started.Who sent me my bankroll and has help other people start. Not to mention the people that don't play poker that he helps, like giving people cars that NEED one to get to work or take their kids to the doctors or the homeless guy on the street. I day I will do the same but NEVER again will I help out friends.