Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicago Open

Well that was an eye opener, there where 800 runners and I went out 240 so i guess it was ok being that i started playing poker back in Oct. '09. Best hand Pocket 3's flop was 4,3,7 i check and he checks turn is a 2 i check he bet out 1200 i call, the river is a 2 he bets 1600 i raise to 3200 he shoves i snap call, he flips over 4,2. The bad hand we come back from dinner and i have 16.000 chips the guy to my right has a short stack he has been shoving the last 3 hand 1st time all fold and he shows j2o after that again all flod to him he shoves i have AJo i think a bit and fold he flips over AJo. next hand same thing this time i have AKs and i call, He has QQ im out. Played about 10 hrs and i had a great time.

Well today after a very LONG time I sent Nick his BR back, that felt great. Well March is on us and I HAVE to pick up my game. I am going to set my goal this month at 1,000 SnGs, i will hit this or past it. So no more fucking around!! I can do this!!

" Yomama so fat when she gets on the scale, it reads " One at a time please"

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