Thursday, February 18, 2010

Always do what the coach tells you.

Woke up and got online to start my day of grinding, coach said " Today's homework, start a blog, good for the mind and keep track of goals and your progress. When your check raising Phil Ivey in Bobby's Room will have fun looking back to the $2 180 mans." Well homework is done!! Now I have to help make cupcakes with my little princes so she can take them to class Friday to share, because she turns 8 Friday!!

I started playing poker in October so I'm new to this game, the first thing I did was buy the book "Power Hold'em Strategy" I got to the 3rd paragraph and joined I think that was my 1st good move in my short poker life. I watch a lot of videos then i saw what they call Sit-n-gos I didn't know WTF they where. Watched videos from Derk Williams, Grayson Physioc, Aaron Baron and Nick Rainey. I thought that Sngs where to fast and I didn't know wtf was going on, people shoving no one was playing what I thought at the time was poker. Then I found Nicks web site, he said he was looking of students to coach, cool i wounder how much he would charge? I found out not a dime, so i sent him a email. I didn't hear back so I let it go. Then I got and email from the great one and he said that i would be in the 1st batch of students. I would start the 1st of the year. But before that on Dec. 17th Nick said he would have a review with us but that he had a guess caoch to do it Bradley Soshea, he went over a HH from one of his games. It was a great review i was pumped after that, the next day I got up and played the $5 $20,000 turny on Pokerstars. 11hrs later I took that BIT*H down for $4000. Then 4 days later my coach told me to take all my money out and send a SS of a $0 balance. He would send me my bankroll after that. Now I'm on my way to the top. I will keep you posted on my trip to greatness. Oh I didn't forget, I got engaged on Feb 14 to my wounderfull GF Jennifer!! Life is good!!!

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