Monday, February 22, 2010

Lending Money to so called friends

Well just don't do it because you become the asshole when you ask for it back. I lent a friend a $25,000 to start up a business about 4 years ago and its been hit or miss trying to get it back. The other friend I lent $800 to about 3 years ago and i go to his house about 3 weeks ago and what do i see in the living room?!?!? A Sony 52in plasma!! Hey nice TV, but where the FUCK is my $800? Well ah. What a fucking asshole!! Fuck you keep the $800 and fuck off! WTF?? You try to help friends when they are in a time of need and they FUCK YOU IN THE ASS and don't even buy you dinner. The guy i lent the $800 to has been blowing up my phone, fuck him i don't need the headaches. I have been friends with these two guy since 1980. And the 1st guy i hear stores about him going to Vegas, Florida and N.C. I say something and he sends me fucking $300. I also hear he helped out a kid we went to High School who is a FUCKING dead beat dad with a Job at the fucking business I helped him start so he could get his car fixed, FUCK that pay me!! I'v got my own fucking problems been laid off sence last march where the fuck is my help!!

I guess i just want to thank NICK RAINEY a guy that knows me from dick, who has help me get my Poker Career started.Who sent me my bankroll and has help other people start. Not to mention the people that don't play poker that he helps, like giving people cars that NEED one to get to work or take their kids to the doctors or the homeless guy on the street. I day I will do the same but NEVER again will I help out friends.


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